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Countdown to Season 4 - Week Two: Favorite Overall Scene
                           ”The name game!”

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8 femmes 2002 dir. François Ozon

"We don’t need to think, we can see."

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Meryl Streep + Tumblr [Part 2] (Insp.)

Go slow with that.

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Would you like to live in the era?

No I wouldn’t. I get to wear the costumes so I sort of get to live in the era by playing the character. We have come so far since then on many levels. I think I would be very frustrated it I lived in that time. (*)


Caption (Elle s’appelait Françoise): “Elle ne buvait pas, ne fumait pas mais adorait danser toute la nuit. Devant l’entrée du Bus Palladium à Paris.”


These two. Team up again plz.

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