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Jessica Lange photoshoots

Maggie Smith - behind the scenes on season two of Downton Abbey


La Vie En Rose 2007 dir. Olivier Dahan

"No, no regrets. No, we will have no regrets"

    Childish? Hell, I’m the Queen of Candyland!
Jessica Lange as Judy “Sister Jude” Martin, American Horror Story: Asylum, 2012 (via badnewsambrose)
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I got 99 problems and like 93 1/2 of them are wondering if Jessica Lange and Danny Huston are doing the do or not.

American Horror Story: Asylum | The Coat Hanger   +   soundtrack

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Jessica Lange by Lorenzo Agius.

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more celebrities should donate blood like could you imagine having the blood of meryl streep running through your veins

The Angel of Death only appears when she is called and gives those who call “the kiss of death” when they’re ready and is portrayed almost like a “Grim Reaper”.